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Photo by Cristel Brouwer, Solid Vision European Tour 2012

Lucio Manca was born in Cagliari (Italy) on the 17th of march 1987.
Since the beginning he devoted his life to music and composition.
Keen bass-player, between the age of 6 and that of 11 he costantly studied and played his instrument, improving his knowledge as a self-taught and keeping on trying to set up a band.
His first band and live performance were carried out at the age of 11, within a death-metal band called Necroid.
Easy to say he was the youngest of the band.
Later on he developed several music projects that ranged from punk, rock to crossover and metal.

At the age of 14 Lucio Manca joined in a Dream Theater tribute band; Then he found his ideal dimension in a definitely more atypical band called Bremys, inspired by exceptional styles such as those of Tool, A Perfect Circle.
With this band he recorded two albums “Bremys (2008)” and “Resurgo (2009)” and he had the honour to share the stage with some internationally known artists, to take part in a videoclips and to go on tour through europe.

On the whole he spent several years performing live gigs with many bands of different styles: hardcore, metal, rock, thrash,stoner.

He has been playing with the death-metal band Natrium until january 2010; with them he recorded one album
“Inscribed in the Victim Scars”and went on tour through Italy, the Uk etc.
He is also singer in a parallel project called Bavarja. this thrash band owes its style to that of Pantera and Sepultura.
The band recorded three demos soo far (one of which live) and reached the number of more than a hundred gigs during few years.
In may 2010 Lucio Manca became member to Solid Vision, a widely known progressive-metal band, as official bass player. He then recorded their brand new album called “Sacrifice” (2010) and “Eleven 11\11\11 (DVD LIVE)”(2011).
In april 2011 he entered the band "Dominici", main project of Charlie Dominici (Original singer of Dream Theater).
Currently working in the studio for the compositions of new Dominici and Solid Vision's album, and concluded the recording of his first solo instrumental album called “Everybody needs an Angel” that will be released in March 2013 produced by Noise Head Records (Austrian Label).
Actually Lucio Manca is recording the new Solid Vision's & Dominici album, which will be released in 2013.

In may 2013 Lucio Manca became member to D.O MESSIAH and RAVEN LORD for the band's bass player position.  

Lucio Manca  currently plays for the Multinational Doom Metal band Exorcism.

The band signed a record contract with Golden Core Records which is a sub label by ZYX Music, Germany.  EXORCISM album 'I Am God' out April 25, 2014.


Instrumental Concept Album, contain 11 instrumental songs - for fans of Tool, Opeth, Katatonia.
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